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This comic is a divinely-realised piece of work that questions the very fabric of morality and ethics, and may challenge your entire belief system.  In these drawings lies a deep, metaphorical message that will touch your inner self and provide an experience like that of which the great philosophers spoke.  Either that or you might have a little chuckle at the silly drawings.

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22/02/07 - 12:52pm - My sincerest apologies for lack of Pookie recently, but I have been rather busy!  In order to buck up my ideas, the latest Pookie (click your way here for some Pookie goodness) is the first in a series which may only last two episodes, but a series nonetheless.  24 (Minutes) has been a large part of why Pookie hasn't been updated much, as it is really coming along well!  We're just about 2/3rds of the way through it, and I'll be putting together a trailer for you all quite soon!  Enjoy today's Pookie, ciao.

08/02/07 - 12:42pm - A whole week has gone past since you last saw Pookie, but fear not, we've not forgotten you - the new Pookie comic is right here for you.  Been quite busy recently, continuing with the '24 (Minutes)' project, but it's coming along nicely!  Check the 24 (Minutes) section of the site for more info and updates on this.  As ever, the mailing list is still active, so join up!  Slater.


01/02/07 - 4:24pm - Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!  Aaaaand as promised, I have a new Pookie here waiting for you to look at it now it's the start of the month.  Secondly, you may or may not know that there is another, much larger project being undertaken, entitled '24 (Minutes)', our own take on the popular TV action drama series '24'.  Filming is underway and I'll be posting production updates on THIS SECTION of the website, and keeping you all up-to-date in the news section if there are any major advancements!  Currently, we're aiming to have everything finished by the end of February, so keep checking back!

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